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Applications are invited for the Ethical Hacking Brand Ambassador for a year at your Campus
(100+ Students already announced as Campus Brand Ambassador in India)

Application Form
  Glimpse Of Successful Workshops
Pre - Requirements
  1. Good Academic background
  2. Good personality + networking skills.
  3. Experience in organizing and
    promoting events in College or
    University will be preferred.
    (Non-experienced candidates are also invited.)


  • Ethical Hacking Campus Brand Ambassador Certificate from EH1-INFOTECH.
  • Certificate of experience after completion of successful event.
  • Free entry to workshops & seminars across country.
  • 50% discounts in 6 weeks or 6 months internship across our office in India.
  • Placement Assistance.

Key Responsibilities:-

  • Working in coordination with team EH1-INFOTECH to effectively organize Ethical Hacking      workshops/seminars/events/training programs at the campus.
  • Have to publicize the event conducted by EH1-INFOTECH across facebook or other social media.
  • Build connections among the student's community as well as the College or University            managements to facilitate EH1-INFOTECH events.
  • Build a team by recruiting fellow coordinators.

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